Kentucky Ridge

The developer for the Kentucky Ridge Subdivisions 3 & 4 has proposed a Pressurized Irrigation System (PUIS) under the operation of the New York Irrigation System.


Kentucky Ridge Subdivisions 1 & 2 are split in between the New York Irrigation District (NYID) and the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District (NMID). Because the pump house for the PUIS system for Kentucky Ridge Subdivisions 3 & 4 will be located in the NYID area, it is proposed to move all the properties in Kentucky Ridge Subdivisions 1 & 2 that are in the NMID, from NMID to NYID.

In addition, it is proposed to create a Local Improvement District (LID) to fund the retrofit of a PUIS system in the Kentucky Ridge Subdivisions 1 & 2.  This LID will finance the retrofit of the PUIS system over time and allow the Subdivisions 1 & 2 to take advantage of connecting to a proposed PUIS pump house which would reduce the overall cost to those homes.

Items that will need to occur

Change of Irrigation Districts (all homes will have to change districts)

  • Homes that are in the NMID area and have active accounts will need to exclude from NMID (NMID Form)[$30 per account]
  • Homes that will (or have) exclude(d) from NMID will need be included into NYID (NYID Form)
  • All Forms will need to be signed and notorized

Establish an LID (Local Improvement District)

  • A minimum of 60% of the owners of the homes in the LID area will need to sign an LID form.
  • NYID will create an LID under Idaho Law.
  • NYID will finance the construction of the main lines servicing all the homes in the LID providing a connection point for each lot.
  • Owners will be responsible for connecting their lawns watering system to the connection point in their yards.  The connection points will be near an edge of their property.

Petition Document for Inclusion/Exclusion/LID

Estimated costs were discussed at the Feb 28, 2015 meeting.  The new number for the acres in the LID are 22.24

This would result in an estimated cost as follows

  • 0.250 Acre lot
  • $2,786      LID total cost
  • $279          LID cost per year over 10  years
  • $28.63       NYID water costs per year
  • $62.50       PUIS operational cost per year ($250/acre)
  • $369.69     Estimated annual bill for the 10 years of the LID
  • $91.00       Estimated annual bill after the LID

 Updated Estimated cost worksheet