Forms & Documents

Specific forms for use at the New York Irrigation District


Water Transfer

(current year only)

To transfer water this year, your account must be paid-in-full

Water Transfer



To be considered for inclusion, you must file an inclusion form with the district office. You're request will be reviewed to determine if you can be included into the district and if it will be possible to deliver water to your property. You will be placed on a waiting list and when a water allotment becomes available, you will be required to pay an inclusion fee of $50 a parcel or $100 an acre and filing fees. Applicants for inclusion are billed $1 an acre every January to remain on the inclusion list. This $1 an acre charge will be applied to the inclusion fee when the property is included. Once included, you must pay for any improvement needed to deliver water to your property (e.g., headgates, pumps, ditches, pipeing). You will be required to irrigate the property for which you have requested the water allotment for an entire year to complete your inclusion application.

Application for Inclusion



To be considered for exclusion, you're account must be paid-in-full. You must file an exclusion form with the district office and submit a $5 per lot filing fee and a $25 exclusion fee for parcels less than one acre or $50 per acre. If your account is not paid-in-full, your application will be returned.

Application for Exclusion